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AMIS Guitar Vinyl + system
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AMIS Guitar
Vinyl + system

AMIS Guitar Vinyl + system is a leading sound transmission system which focus on acoustic guitar. The system is carefully designed so that the vibrations of each string can be picked up and independently transmitted to the amplifier or to the special speakers for wooden guitar. It transmits balanced、clean and consistent sound and it can keep more than 97% of the original sound , This system is widely used by most of the guitar masters nowadays and proved to be a great tool for both live performances and recording sessions.

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AMIS professional handmade customThat is what I want

Use professional skills,with a recording specialist with a particular timbre and feel. A guitar player need a more perfect acoustic guitar for personal needs. The unique design of hanging fingerboard, resonance space for the release of the entire panel, more unique tone.


Product Model: Customize
Product Material: Optional
Product size: body can choose
Color classification: wood color
Paint Craft: Optional
Configuration Description: Handmade wood can be customized

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